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The following list features selected grantees of the Arab Regional Office of the Open Society Foundations.

Rights & Governance

  • As part of its work to strengthen human rights organizations across the region, the Arab Regional Office provides general support to Al-Haq to protect and promote human rights and the rule of law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
  • General support to the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights helps fill the gap in the Egyptian human rights landscape by advocating for a set of rights that are closest to the human being, namely his/her body, privacy and home. 
  • As part of its work to strengthen protection and access to justice for minorities and indigent groups, the Arab Regional Office supports Tamkeen for Legal Aid and Human Rights, an Amman-based NGO, to provide legal assistance and engage in legal advocacy to promote the rights of migrant workers in Jordan.
  • In order to promote the utilization of international human rights instruments, the Arab Regional Office supports the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies regional human rights advocacy project that promotes advocacy at the Human Rights Council in Geneva and helps to build the capacity of local organizations across the region to engage with the Council.
  • The Arab Regional Office provides support to Legal Agenda (Al Moufakkira Al Qanouniyya), a monthly publication that seeks to mainstream concepts of law and legal reform and to raise awareness among the general public.
  • To promote capacity building of legal professionals and students, the Arab Regional Office supported a two week summer school on Law and Conflict organized by Amel Association in Beirut in July 2011. In addition, the office collaborates with the Open Society Justice Initiative in supporting Clinical Legal Education at Assiut University in Egypt, Al-Najah University in Palestine and the University of Jordan.

Media & Information

  • The Arab Regional Office supports the work of the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression , a Cairo-based NGO, to monitor and document censorship of the media and arts in Egypt as well as efforts to provide legal defense in support of free expression.
  • The office provides support to the Amman-based Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism, the only regional media support network providing training to journalists and editors on the basics of investigative journalism.
  • With the assistance of Arab Regional Office funds, the Cairo-based Arab Digital Expression Foundation organizes trainings and summer camps around the use of open source ICT to promote knowledge sharing and critical thinking among disadvantaged youth from across the Arab region.
  • Madmoun Jadeed” is an Arab Regional Office–supported initiative of Community Media Network in Jordan to support the production of in-depth, long form journalism on consumer affairs, the environment, and migrant workers.
  • The Arab Regional Office provides general support to the Institute for Middle East Understanding  for its work to foster an increased understanding among Americans about Palestine and the Palestinians by providing journalists with quick access to high-quality information, as well as expert sources both in the U.S. and the Middle East.

Knowledge & Education

  • The Arab Regional Office helps funds Naseej Foundation, an independent regional foundation based in Amman, Jordan, that provides support and services to Arab youth in order to promote development and their active engagement within their communities.
  • The Arab Regional Office provides support to The American University in Cairo for a program that seeks to build skills of public university graduates who have a record of active public engagement through enrollment in related MA programs in political science, economics, sociology, and Middle East studies.
  • The Arab Regional Office provides funding to support a partnership between Al-Quds University and Bard College that aims to strengthen the Palestinian education system. Both institutions collaborate to provide dual degree programs for a Master of Arts in Teaching Program and the Honor College.