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We support transparent and accountable governance, fundamental rights, and social cohesion.
The Open Estonia Foundation works with nongovernmental organizations around the world to share experience and expertise, and to build regional and international cooperation.

Open Estonia Foundation

The Open Estonia Foundation works to advance transparent and accountable governance and supports initiatives to strengthen fundamental rights and social cohesion. We aim to share our experiences in these areas with other countries in democratic transition and build cross-border partnerships in Europe and across the world.

To increase the accessibility and openness, the foundation supports groups and activities that use information and communications technology to increase people’s participation in governance and decision making. We also promote new, participatory models of democracy and civic engagement, such as deliberation days during which hundreds of randomly selected citizens propose ideas for amending laws and improving democracy in Estonia.

The foundation works with a broad array of groups from across Estonian society with a particular focus on minorities, marginalized communities, and youth. We help organize annual discussions on democracy that involve thousands of young people, and we help Russian human rights and democracy activists to give voice to communities that have been ignored by their own government.