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The Washington office of the Open Society Foundations promotes U.S. policies that support vibrant and tolerant democracies abroad and a more just and accountable government in the United States. We advocate for strong human rights policies, cooperative global engagement, better access to public health services, including drug treatment and programs that address the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, and greater corporate and governmental transparency and accountability.

The Washington office plays a key role in building and supporting coalitions to promote criminal justice reform, international development assistance, and an effective approach to terrorism that respects civil liberties and is based on the rule of law. We support policy reforms to reduce mass incarceration and racial disparities in the administration of justice, remove barriers for former prisoners reentering society, reduce harsh and destructive school discipline practices, and promote black male achievement and responsible fatherhood.  The Washington office also advances effective, workable and humane immigration policies and works to protect the integrity of federal courts and elections.

The Washington office houses a nonpartisan 501(c) (4) organization, the Open Society Policy Center, which lobbies the Congress on domestic and international policy issues.