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We promote systemic changes to strengthen democracy in the Czech Republic.
Open Society Fund–Prague priorities include issues of anticorruption, antidiscrimination, migration, and gender equality.

Open Society Fund–Prague

The Open Society Fund–Prague promotes systemic changes to strengthen democracy in the Czech Republic and aims to provide innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the country’s nonprofit organizations. The fund leads antidiscrimination efforts to establish and advance the rights of the country’s Roma and growing immigrant populations, and works closely with national and regional authorities to introduce inclusive education in Czech schools.

We combat corruption—one of the country’s biggest challenges—by supporting citizen watchdog groups, online anticorruption activism, and nongovernmental organizations that have promoted the passage of legal provisions to prevent graft and lack of transparency. A significant part of these efforts focuses on building coalitions with businesses to promote transparent and efficient public administration.

The fund promotes women’s rights and a vibrant press by leading a coalition that works to secure gender equality in the labor market and by presenting an annual award that recognizes outstanding journalism in the Czech Republic.