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We work to enhance the role of civil society in public life, promote the rule of law and government transparency, and foster international cooperation.
The Stefan Batory Foundation supports organizations that work to involve civil society actors in decision-making processes and policy creation, equalize access to justice, and foster a culture of social tolerance.

Stefan Batory Foundation

To increase transparency and accountability in the public sector, the Stefan Batory Foundation supports organizations that engage in watchdog activities involving issues such as access to information, state expenditures, and scientific independence. The foundation also runs an Internet portal that provides resources for watchdog organizations in Poland and throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

The foundation has been a leader in increasing civic participation in political affairs, particularly among young people. Its election-oriented activities have helped improve voter turnout, increased public knowledge of policy issues, and helped to advance campaign finance reform. Improving access to justice is a key priority for the foundation, which supports civil society organizations that provide legal services to socially disadvantaged groups and also works with the government to increase the efficiency of the Polish legal system.

At the international level, the foundation works to make the EU more accessible to citizens of non-EU countries. In particular, it has been a strong advocate within EU policy circles for reform of restrictive visa policies.