Transnational Institute (TNI)

Cross regional

International Drug Policy Dialogue

In 2008, TNI proposes to convene the fifth International Drug Policy Dialogue which will take place amid the "period of global reflection" related to the UNGASS review process. It will be held in Berlin and focus on the 2009 High Level Meeting on drugs. Advocacy efforts will be continuous at the national, UN and EU policy levels with special attention paid to countries where promising drug law reform initiatives are under consideration. Parallel to their international efforts, activities will be organized in Greece and the Netherlands to strengthen relations in the home countries of the Andreas G. Papandreou Foundation and TNI.

In collaboration with the Washington Office on Latin America, TNI also organizes a series of informal dialogues in Latin America, with sessions in Ecuador and Bolivia in 2008. TNI will continue to engage in efforts related to Afghanistan with the aim of strengthening Afghan voices in a debate that has become very donor-driven. Missions to Afghanistan are planned for that purpose.

In Southeast Asia, further discussions will take place to bring this region into the realm of TNI's drug policy efforts. Missions, a drugs market study and a policy dialogue are also planned there. In addition, TNI will engage in discussions on how to improve the functioning of the UN drug control system, including the need for a revision of the existing three UN drugs conventions.