Virginians Against Drug Violence

Cross regional

Participation in Beyond 2008 Forum
The coalition requested funding to take part in Beyond 2008 and the High Level Meeting in March 2009, thereby furthering their advocacy work. A particularly effective advocacy tool (to be presented at the High Level Meeting) is the award-winning "Human Rights and The Drug War," an exhibit juxtaposing the stories and photographs of drug war prisoners and their families with facts and figures on the U.S. drug war.

Funding is requested to cover the costs of airfare and accommodation for eight NGO representatives as well as one support staff to participate in the UNGASS consultation in July 2008 and to cover the staffing of a visual display by Human Rights and the Drug War, to be shown at the High Level Meeting in Vienna, March 2009 and staff to participate in that meeting where possible. The coalition will provide a blog of the events as well as a written record of new relationships formed between international drug policy oriented organizations.