Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) and Transnational Institute (TNI)

Latin America

Latin America Drug Policy Dialogues

Through organizing and facilitating Latin American and Caribbean informal dialogues and related efforts, the project will support efforts to elevate human rights considerations and harm reduction perspectives in drug policy, with particular attention to proportionality and drug legislation reform; alternative livelihoods and a more constructive U.S. approach to source-country policy; and the status of coca in the UN Conventions.

Among the key activities that will be undertaken are: two informal policy dialogues timed around the next phases of the review period leading up to the March 2009 CND; a meeting of legal experts to be held the day after the autumn 2008 dialogue to delineate legal reform options; a series of  papers on drug reform experiences and lessons for Latin America; a report on alternative development and related education efforts; opportunistic advocacy with U.S. actors around the March 2009 CND and the April 2009 Summit of the Americas; an evaluation meeting with key actors after the March 2009 CND; and, in the post-2009 CND period, informal drug policy dialogues in the United States that include U.S., Latin American, and European officials. Cross-fertilization will be assured with the parallel processes of the TNI/APF International Drug Policy Dialogue series and the Viva Rio "Blue Ribbon Commission" initiative.