Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching

The Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching is finalizing its decade-long activities and, as of 2013, no longer supporting new projects in the program’s original countries of operation. You may find an overview of the program and the list of projects supported from 2003 to 2013 below and on the left. For further information on past and ongoing activities please contact the program staff below.

Purpose and Priorities

Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching (ReSET) has been the central long-term initiative of the Higher Education Support Program in the area of development of individual faculty capacities for undergraduate teaching in the social sciences and humanities in the post-communist countries of Eurasia. ReSET has been promoting a systematic rethinking of the meaning of the undergraduate learning experience in support of building free and open societies, the defense and enlargement of freedom of inquiry, and advancement of programs of undergraduate learning that develop independent, original, and critical thinkers. Working in a variety of academic subjects and interdisciplinary thematic areas, ReSET projects have assisted the faculty from the region in developing approaches and skills for intellectually productive and socially relevant engagement with students.

Addressing the legacy and the current tendencies in the systems of higher education in the region, ReSET’s main aim and impact is in advancing intellectual autonomy of students and scholars while combating the isolationism and parochialism of the formal academic institutions. It has been doing so by building open transnational intellectual networks dedicated to expanding spaces for liberal education. Over the years, ReSET has created an alternative territory for critical and creative revision and innovative practice in the substance and style of undergraduate education, where it stimulates and enables close linkage between scholarship and teaching, and active, critical exploration of the relationship between the knowledge, the learner, and the teacher; theory and application; university classroom and society.  

Since 2003, ReSET has funded over 80 projects (six of them ongoing), most of them for a three-year cycle, with the total number of regional faculty served by the program reaching up to 2,000. ReSET participants teach in 500 universities in 20 countries. These regional colleagues are part of the network that also includes over 350 international scholars representing the resources and linkages of more than 150 universities around the world.

Contact Information:

Oleksandr Shtokvych, Senior Program Manager
Tel.: (36-1) 882-6153

Elena Naumkina, Program Officer
Tel.: (36-1) 882-6152