Moving Walls

A pair of worn of children shoes

    In A Long Walk, Shannon Jensen travels to refugee camps in northeast South Sudan and focuses her lens on the tattered shoes worn by civilians fleeing conflict in South Kordofan and Blue Nile in 2012.

    © Shannon Jensen/Reportage by Getty Images

    Armchair and antennas on a rooftop, with cityscape in the background

      Mark Leong’s Hong Kong Under China features cityscapes of contemporary Hong Kong and reflects on its evolving identity since its handover to China.

      © Mark Leong/Redux Pictures

      Students at gym class

        Diana Markosian’s Goodbye My Chechnya is a series of intimate photographs documenting young Chechen women coming of age in an increasingly repressive environment.

        © Diana Markosian/Reportage by Getty Images

        Interior of abandoned office, with Greek map on wall.

          Nikos Pilos’s In Ruins: The Fall of Greek Industry highlights abandoned factories in the Thrace industrial region to reflect on the fiscal crisis in Greece.

          © Nikos Pilos

          Seated men hiding their faces

            João Pina’s Shadow of the Condor explores the physical and emotional remnants of Operation Condor and the legacy of South America’s military dictatorships during the “dirty war” years.

            © João Pina

            Highlights of Collections

            An armed man on a bunk bed in front of a landscape.
            Moving Walls 6
            A hand holding two small photographs.
            Moving Walls 13
            Margot Herster
            A woman kissing a framed icon.
            Moving Walls 3
            Mary Berridge

            Moving Walls is an annual documentary photography exhibition produced by the Open Society Foundations Documentary Photography Project. Moving Walls is exhibited at our offices in New York, London, and Washington, D.C., and includes five to seven discrete bodies of work.

            Since 1998, the Moving Walls exhibition series has showcased nearly 200 photographers in 22 group exhibitions that align with the Open Society Foundations’ mission to advance human rights and social justice.

            Are You a Photographer?

            The Open Society Documentary Photography Project is soliciting proposals for our next exhibition, Moving Walls 23.

            Plan a Visit

            Moving Walls 21 is open free-of-charge to the public through October 3, 2014. Stay tuned for Moving Walls 22, which opens November 4, 2014.