Location: Asia

Location: Asia

A bicyclist in front of a building.
Moving Walls 1
Edward Grazda
Men selling birdcages.
Moving Walls 9
Steve McCurry
A girl holds a letter in front of her face.
Moving Walls 6
Lori Grinker
Person hiding their face in a shirt.
Moving Walls 20
Katharina Hesse
Three boys in front of a power plant.
Moving Walls 3
Antonin Kratochvil
Piles of paper behind woman at desk.
Moving Walls 17
Jan Banning
Man and table in front of water, blue shirt.
Moving Walls 15
James Pomerantz
A large pile of circuit boards in front of trees.
Moving Walls 13
Edward Burtynsky
A man stretching a partially missing arm.
Moving Walls 12
Mark Leong
Workers on small boats.
Moving Walls 12
Kadir van Lohuizen
Htein Lin raising his hand with writing on it.
Moving Walls 19
James Mackay
Man with umbrella in front of dome.
Moving Walls 14
George Georgiou
Empty bed with blue wall.
Moving Walls 17
Mari Bastashevski
Collage of nine images with color portrait at center.
Moving Walls 1
James Nubile
Students at gym class
Moving Walls 21
Diana Markosian
Armchair and antennas on a rooftop, with cityscape in the background
Moving Walls 21
Mark Leong
A crowd cheering and waving flags at a political rally.
Moving Walls 4
Jan Dago
An armed man on a bunk bed in front of a landscape.
Moving Walls 6
Boys in gangster outfits.
Moving Walls 11
Julien Chatelin
Girl with woman carrying bricks
Moving Walls 5
Heidi Bradner
A view of many wooden crates.
Moving Walls 13
Carl De Keyzer
Tree with man and red flag.
Moving Walls 16
Tomas van Houtryve
Shoulders and lips of female soldier.
Moving Walls 15
Philippe Chancel
An image of a butterfly next to an image of a girl.
Moving Walls 19
Rena Effendi
A woman kissing a framed icon.
Moving Walls 3
Mary Berridge
Swimming pool.
Moving Walls 18
Carolyn Drake
A row of men standing in the mountains.
Moving Walls 8
Jonas Bendiksen
Two men preparing a syringe.
Moving Walls 10
John Ranard
A group of young monks, some in a room, some outside a window.
Moving Walls 2
Teru Kuwayama
Image not available
Moving Walls 1
Gigi Cohen

Moving Walls is an annual documentary photography exhibition produced by the Open Society Foundations Documentary Photography Project. Moving Walls is exhibited at our offices in New York, London, and Washington, D.C., and includes five to seven discrete bodies of work.

Since its inception in 1998, Moving Walls has featured over 175 artists whose works address a variety of social justice and human rights issues that coincide with the Open Society mission.

Are You a Photographer?

Prospective candidates should check back in September 2014, when we announce the call for submissions for our next exhibition, Moving Walls 23.

Plan a Visit

Moving Walls 21 is open free-of-charge to the public through October 3, 2014. Stay tuned for Moving Walls 22, which opens November 4, 2014.