What Is Torture in Health Care?

A young man is left to die in pain because of archaic restrictions on medicines. A woman is sterilized without her consent because she has HIV. A teenager with a drug problem is locked away in a “treatment” center where he is beaten and abused.

The Campaign to Stop Torture in Health Care is working worldwide to put an end to human rights violations and abuses in health care settings. Health care centers should be places that protect human rights. Yet far too many people experience cruel and degrading treatment in the name of health care. This is especially true for socially marginalized groups—people living with HIV, sexual and gender minorities, people who use drugs, and people with intellectual disabilities or mental health problems—who may be deemed “deviant,” “incompetent,” and in need of evaluation or “curative” treatment through the health care system.

The campaign seeks to hold governments accountable for all forms of torture and abuse in health care settings.