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We work to expand spaces for liberal university education that will nurture and sustain vibrant and inclusive societies.
The International Higher Education Support Program nurtures capacity and leadership at universities to enable well-informed, vigorous social deliberation.

International Higher Education Support Program

Higher education institutions and actors are instrumental in the establishment and consolidation of open societies committed to inclusion, critical thinking, human rights, justice, and democracy. The International Higher Education Support Program is committed to supporting universities and members of their communities by nurturing their capacity and leadership for well-informed, vigorous, and inclusive social deliberation.

To this end, the program promotes academic autonomy and critical thinking, favors innovation and imagination, and aids in building transparent and effective institutional governance and countering “brain drain.” We engage in building institutional and individual capacities for the production of and open access to current and socially relevant knowledge; stimulate intellectual collaborations across the borders of regions and academic fields; support linkages among academic research, university teaching, policy development and public debate; and promote open access to knowledge and information resources.

The International Higher Education Support Program supports initiatives that aim to advance:

  • Open Minds: developing academics’ intellectual skills—including critical thinking—to prepare them for high-level work and sustainable impact;
  • Open Universities: institutions that function reflexively in line with the values of open societies, where freedom to think and speak critically and to inquire are respected and encouraged;
  • Open Teaching: the roles universities play in training intellectually competent and critical students, generating cutting-edge research and cultivating and securing access to the best teaching practices and approaches;
  • Public Intellectual Activity: reaching out towards the development of a public intellectual sphere vital for strong and vibrant societies.