Angelo Izama

Angelo Izama is an investigative reporter and blogger. As an Open Society Fellow, he is using a variety of media to chronicle the rise of the oil sector in Uganda and work to counteract the “resource curse.” He will report on the ways the windfall of oil revenues transforms political and military institutions, its effect on regional stability, and the response of international aid agencies to Uganda’s expanding wealth and influence, among other themes.

Izama is currently a plaintiff in a landmark case in Uganda that seeks access to oil agreements under freedom of information laws.  He was a 2011 Knight Fellow at Stanford University working on journalist security during elections and exploring new ways to enhance effective cooperation in the Great Lakes region. He previously held a NED Reagan-Fascell  Democracy  fellowship and has founded a human security think tank in Kampala. He was a special projects writer at Monitor Publications and studied law degree at Makerere University in Kampala.