Asim Rafiqui

© Fredrik Naumann/Panos Pictures for the Open Society Foundations

Asim Rafiqui is a photojournalist whose work has appeared in National Geographic, Newsweek, TimeStern, and many other publications. His Open Society Fellowship project will use a variety of media to present a more nuanced and personal perspective on the issue of access to justice in Pakistan. By focusing on the plight of some of Pakistan’s most marginalized communities, he will highlight the structural roots of the pervasive injustice that afflicts their lives and the failure of the current legal apparatus to resolve them.

Rafiqui has reported from Haiti, Japan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, and Ukraine, among many other places. He was recently the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, which allowed him to work on a project that looked  at  India’s heritage of cultural and religious pluralism and syncretism. He also received a Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting grant to document the impact of the Israeli closure of the Gaza Strip on its residents.