Carolina Jimenez

Carolina Jiménez Sandoval is a program officer for the Open Society Latin America Program and International Migration Initiative, where she supports the Foundations’ work on migration in the Central American-Mexican corridor.

Throughout her career, Carolina has focused on issues of human rights and human mobility. Prior to her work with the Open Society Foundations, she was a program manager at the Trust for the Americas, Organization of American States, where she led a regional initiative to promote the human rights of migrants in Central America and the Caribbean. From 2008 to 2010, she was country director of the Jesuit Refugee Service in Venezuela. She was project and research assistant at the United Nations University and worked in Argentina with the Gender and Public Policy Unit of the Latin American Faculty of Social Science, and as a research assistant for the International Gender and Trade Network.

She has a PhD in international studies from Waseda University, Japan, and did a postdoctoral program in human rights and ethics at the Central University of Venezuela. She holds a master’s degree in international law and Asian studies from Chuo University, Japan, and a master’s of philosophy in international relations from the University of Cambridge, England. She graduated from the Universidad Central de Venezuela with a BA in international relations. She has also been an assistant professor at Temple University (Japan Campus) and at the Universidad Central de Venezuela.