Erlin Ibreck

Erlin Ibreck
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Erlin Ibreck is the regional manager for grantmaking in the Africa Regional Office. The Africa Regional Office works to broaden the impact of Open Society’s African foundations by providing advocacy capacity and research as well as grantmaking at the continental and international levels that complement work done at the regional level. The role of the regional manager is to strengthen the division’s grantmaking as well as that of the Africa foundations. 

Ibreck has served in several capacities at the Open Society Foundations including eight years as director of the U.S. Programs’ Youth Initiatives, which institutionalized initiatives that engaged young people in impacting public debate and becoming more civically engaged. She has led and shaped many cross-program initiatives including time-sensitive responses to crises threatening open society interests in the United States, as well as technical assistance and research and development initiatives that informed grantmaking across thematic areas.

Prior to joining Open Society, Ibreck worked in the New York City Mayor’s Office as a deputy coordinator on youth issues and in the UK criminal justice and family court systems as a probation officer and guardian ad litem.

Ibreck was born and raised in East Africa. She graduated from Bristol University in the UK and obtained her MS at Columbia University’s School of Social Work.