Hernan Bonomo

Hernan Bonomo
© Marc McAndrews for the Open Society Foundations

Hernán Bonomo is the Latin America program officer for the Open Society Foundations Youth Initiative.

Since 2005, Mr. Bonomo has overseen the Youth Initiative’s grantmaking portfolio in the region, which includes support for youth-led activism on human rights, as well as the promotion of debate.

He has helped develop debate projects aimed at empowering youth and co-authored the lesson plans Tolerancia crítica y ciudadanía activa: una introducción práctica al debate educativo (Idebate Press, 2009), and Facing Corruption from the Civil Society. As editor of the Idebate.ñ blog and magazine, he wrote several articles about issues affecting youth in Latin America, from gender and sexual discrimination to the use of debate for promoting critical thinking skills and civic engagement.

Before joining the Open Society Foundations in 2002, Mr. Bonomo worked as a graphic communication consultant in Argentina and as an assistant professor of typographic design at the School of Design of the University of Buenos Aires. He was trained as a Graphic Designer at the University of Buenos Aires and later as a Sociologist at the University of Quilmes in Argentina.