Lotta Teale

Lotta Teale
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Lotta Teale is project manager for global legal empowerment with the Open Society Justice Initiative. She manages a series of pilot legal empowerment projects, leads a team providing technical advice on designing and implementing high quality community-based justice services, and works to integrate legal empowerment into broader development agendas and bring together a global network of practitioners. Particular areas of specialization include Ukraine, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Egypt, gender, Roma, and the scale-up of services nationwide.

Previously, Teale managed the Justice Initiative's legal empowerment work in Sierra Leone, setting up a nationwide paralegal network, across several organisations, recognised by government, and serving 36% of the country.

Prior to coming to the Open Society Foundations, Teale worked in Sierra Leone as gender-based violence legal program manager with the International Rescue Committee, as a consultant with the International Centre for Transitional Justice focusing on access to justice for women, and as special assistant to the registrar at the Special Court for Sierra Leone. She worked with a group of women activists to draft, lobby for, and facilitate the passage of legislation improving the position of women through the Sierra Leone Parliament, which became law in 2007, and subsequently assisted the Government of Sierra Leone in implemention.

Teale is qualified as a barrister in England specializing in family law.