Pamela King

Bruce Weller for the Open Society Foundations

Pamela King is the Director of Community Fellowships and Initiatives of the Open Society Institute–Baltimore.

Pamela created and manages the Community Fellowships Program at OSI-Baltimore. Annually, 10 individuals are selected to use their skills and experience to work in Baltimore’s underserved communities. Over the nine years of the initiative, the Fellows have developed into a peer network of social entrepreneurs committed to solving Baltimore’s most intractable problems. To date, 86 individuals have taken advantage of the Fellowship experience.

King launched and established the Baltimore Urban Debate League Program in partnership with the Baltimore City Public School System. Modeled after the New York Urban Debate League, the Baltimore Urban Debate League is known nationally as an innovative, successful, and transformative program that has grown to include 28 high schools and 18 middle schools.

In addition, King collaborates with the Director of OSI-Baltimore to fund various community development initiatives such as the Baltimore Neighborhood Collaborative, the Social Enterprise Collaborative, the Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers, and the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance.

Prior to joining the OSI-Baltimore staff, King directed the Citizens Planning and Housing Association’s (CPHA) Resource Center for Neighborhoods. Her many responsibilities included providing technical assistance to neighborhood groups and managing several city-wide initiatives. For example, she was the lead organizer for the Baltimore Campaign—now the Live Baltimore Marketing Center. The center was established to promote and publicize the benefits of city living.

King led the partnership between CPHA and the Johns Hopkins University’s Police Executive Leadership Program that established the highly successful program to develop community leaders—the Neighborhood Leadership Development Program. She has taught the community and social issues block within the Police Executive Leadership Program and has been a leader in helping the region’s law enforcement officials embrace community organizing and neighborhood development.

King was named one of the 2008 Maryland’s Top 100 Women by The Daily Record. She serves on the boards of the Civitas School, the Baltimore Neighborhood Collaborative, the Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers, the Center for Adult Literacy and Learning, and the Maryland Citizens’ Review Board for Children. She was a founding member of the Friends of the Playground at Stadium Place and the Baltimore Community Foundation’s Baltimore Giving Circle.