Suki Kim

A novelist and journalist, Suki Kim will study the shifting political environment in North Korea and among its neighbors. Her objective is to tell the stories of ordinary people whose lives are caught in the tragic division of the two Koreas. 

Kim spent 2009–2010 living in Seoul and part of 2011 living in Pyongyang. Her first visit to North Korea was in 2002 when she participated in the 60th birthday celebrations of Kim Jong Il, which she wrote about for the New York Review of Books. Since then, she has returned to North Korea several times; one of the visits was to cover the 2008 concert of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in Pyongyang for Harper’s.

Kim is the author of The Interpreter, a novel, and is the recipient of a Guggenheim fellowship for fiction and a Fulbright fellowship for nonfiction research.