Youssef Hajjar

Youssef Hajjar is a co-founder and, until February 2007, was co-director of the Arab Resource Collective (ARC). He has managed ARC's external relations, as well as convening events and contributing to the writing and editing of ARC's publications. ARC's work includes programs on early childhood, children's rights, Child-to-Child, and youth and health. ARC cooperates with NGOs in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Hajjar remains involved in ARC's governance and projects as a senior advisor, and represents the organization in international fora.

Hajjar has taught a course on Effective Leadership and Early Childhood for Victoria University's ECDVU in the Middle East and North Africa, Yemen, and Sub-Saharan Africa. He has been a coordinator and mentor of the Global Leaders Project of the World Forum Foundation since 2007. In these various capacities, Hajjar has been involved with Step by Step and ISSA partners and activities. His earlier work and activities include working with refugees and asylum seekers in the United Kingdom and internationally, helping develop student and youth leadership globally and in the Arab region, and teaching and conducting research in social sciences in Lebanon.