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Access to Knowledge

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Access to Knowledge

Access to knowledge is a founding principle of any open society. From classroom textbooks to scholarly research, legal information to scientific data, new technologies bring new opportunities for knowledge creation and dissemination. We support work that promotes access to knowledge, particularly among disadvantaged groups.

Recent Work

Privacy, Censorship, and the “Right to Be Forgotten” in the Digital Age  

Laura Reed of Freedom House and Darian Pavli of the Open Society Justice Initiative discuss a recent controversial decision by the European Court of Justice about search engine results.

Whistleblower Protection and The Snowden Effect  

This briefing addresses the current historic opportunity to advance whistleblower protection and concrete opportunities to strengthen work in the areas of human rights, national security, environment, and governance.

An Online Bill of Rights in Brazil

A first-ever law in Brazil is designed to protect internet privacy, free expression, and net neutrality. We spoke with digital rights expert Ronaldo Lemos, who helped draft the legislation.

For EU Voters, a Digital Matchmaker
Confused about who to vote for? Try voting advice applications—online tools that match voters with political parties and candidates.
How Can We Use Data for Social Good?  

Jake Porway, executive director of DataKind, explains how NGOs use data, how they can use it better, and what data science can do for civil society.

What Is “Open Access”?  

This alternative publishing model brings the results of scholarly research to unprecedented numbers of scientists, patients, inventors, academics, and others.