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Access to Medicines

Access to Medicines

Despite advances in medical science, affordable safe and effective medicines remain inaccessible to billions of people worldwide. The Open Society Foundations support efforts to increase access to essential medicines for people in low-resource countries, especially for poor and marginalized populations.

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Recent Work

License to Deceive? A Big Drug Company’s Smokescreen on Hepatitis C

What’s really driving the pharmaceutical giant Gilead to issue a license for generic copies of its superstar drug? Profit.

Updates from Ukraine: Implications of a “Post-Maidan” Environment for Open Society  

Inna Pidluska of Ukraine’s International Renaissance Foundation discusses Ukraine’s evolving political culture, early elections, and potential opportunities for civil society and parliamentarians to pursue a reform agenda.

Film Screening: The Case for Prescribing Heroin

A film about a heroin-assisted treatment program in Denmark addresses the evidence behind prescribing heroin to people with long-term opioid dependency.

EU Shines Light on Shadowy World of Clinical Drug Trial Data
Surprisingly, we don't really know much about the effectiveness of many of our medicines. Now, a new EU regulation could help us peek behind the drug companies' curtain.
Austerity: A Failed Experiment on the People  

Martin McKee examines the intellectual underpinnings of European austerity, its alarming health consequences, and what can be done to alleviate them.

Beyond the Hype: What Sofosbuvir Means—and Doesn’t—for Global Hepatitis C Treatment

This report looks at the highly anticipated hepatitis C drug sofosbuvir, and how it is priced out of reach for those who need it most.

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