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Black Male Achievement

Black Male Achievement

The Open Society Foundations aim to address the exclusion of large numbers of black men and boys from economic, social, educational, and political life in the United States.

Recent Work

Understanding Ferguson

Understanding the root causes of crises like the one taking place in Ferguson, Missouri, is the first step toward preventing them.

Statement from 11 Leading Philanthropies in Response to White House Report on Young Men of Color
Eleven leading foundations, including Open Society, applaud the White House’s My Brother’s Keeper Task Force on the release of its report to President Obama.
How Do You Quantify Hope for Black Men and Boys?
When it comes to support for initiatives focused on improving life outcomes for black males in America, where should we go from here? A new report offers answers.
Building a Beloved Community: Strengthening the Field of Black Male Achievement

Based on interviews with 50 philanthropic, nonprofit, government, academic, and business leaders, this report explores the diverse, cross-sector work that is advancing black male achievement.

Keeping a Promise to Black Boys in America  

A film about the educational journey of two African American boys becomes a tool for communities everywhere.

All Young People in America Deserve the Opportunity to Succeed

A new public-private initiative to improve the lives of young men of color serves as a rallying cry to redouble our efforts.

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