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Equality in Europe

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Equality in Europe

Over the past 50 years, Europe has undergone dramatic social and economic shifts. Ethnic diversity has increased, yet so too has inequality. As a result some groups feel marginalized from society—in education, health care, employment, and other areas of everyday life. We work with local communities and policy makers to support full equality, political participation, and opportunities for all.

Recent Work

Caring for the Roma Community in Derby

In the UK’s most central city, an advocacy group offers support to ensure that members of the Eastern European Roma community become active and equal citizens.

Voices from the White Working Class Community in Amsterdam  

Research into white working class communities in Amsterdam reveals a range of local concerns—from health care, employment, and education to housing and political participation.

White Working Class Communities in Amsterdam

This Open Society report focuses on the everyday experiences and concerns of white working class communities in the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Cultural War on Terror: Race, Policy, and Propaganda  

Recent Open Society Fellows Hisham Aidi and Arun Kundnai look at government policies to shape the lives of young Muslims and promote opposition to extremism. Peter Beinart moderates.

For Roma in France, Is Climate of Intolerance Fueling Violence?

Anti-Roma talk starts at the top in France. Is it creating a climate of violence?

Understanding Europe’s White Working Class Communities  

Western Europe has undergone significant transformation over the past forty years. New research examines how these changes have impacted white working class communities.

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