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Equality in Europe

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Equality in Europe

Over the past 50 years, Europe has undergone dramatic social and economic shifts. Ethnic diversity has increased, yet so too has inequality. As a result some groups feel marginalized from society—in education, health care, employment, and other areas of everyday life. We work with local communities and policy makers to support full equality, political participation, and opportunities for all.

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Recent Work

Can a New Book Help France Embrace Its Multicultural Side?

In a country that values assimilation, D’Ailleurs et d’ici! is a rare celebration of the many ethnic and racial groups that contribute to France’s diversity.

Building Bridges

This report provides a grassroots perspective on integration and cohesion in the London borough of Waltham Forest, focusing on the relationships between different racial, religious, and cultural communities in the area.

Putting an End to the Myth that Roma Families Drain Slovakia’s Welfare System  

A new analysis of Slovakia’s social welfare system debunks the notion that Roma families are a drain on public funds.

How Getting Involved in Politics Transformed One Roma Village’s Future  

Filipeştii de Târg shows how systematic disenfranchisement can hold back a people—and how a community determined to break free of this can change its trajectory for generations to come.

Ethnic Origin and Disability Data Collection in Europe: Measuring Inequality—Combating Discrimination

This report makes recommendations for effective change in the field of equality data and the use of data to promote equal treatment.

Stronger Together: The Case for a European Parliament Intergroup against Racism

A collection of European Parliament members has proposed the creation of a parliamentary intergroup to promote equality and nondiscrimination. Why is such a group needed and how would it shape the Parliament’s views?

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Open Society Foundation–London
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Director, Open Society Initiative for Europe
Open Society Initiative for Europe
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