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Equality in Europe

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Equality in Europe

Over the past 50 years, Europe has undergone dramatic social and economic shifts. Ethnic diversity has increased, yet so too has inequality. As a result some groups feel marginalized from society—in education, health care, employment, and other areas of everyday life. We work with local communities and policy makers to support full equality, political participation, and opportunities for all.

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Recent Work

Europe’s Migration Crossing Points Captured in Six Films  

From the English Channel to the airport in Rome, Europe’s crossing points offer migrants hope and hardship.

France Moves to Stop Treating Its Traveller Citizens Like Foreigners

A new law may end the internal passport system in France, the only country in the world to require its Traveller citizens to carry special papers.

Pushing Back Against Ethnic Profiling in the Netherlands  

A new short film aims to debunk the notion that profiling suspects based on ethnicity is effective policing.

White Working Class Communities in Lyon

This report documents the experiences of the majority population in one of Lyon’s most diverse areas, aiming to draw lessons about social inclusion and cohesion.

Ireland Wakes Up to a Brave New World of Civil Marriage Equality

Ireland has become the first country to introduce same-sex marriage through a referendum, thanks to a campaign that captured the hearts and minds of many Irish voters.

We Want to Hear What You Think About the European Roma Institute
The idea of an institute for Roma culture and heritage is more relevant and urgent than ever. Now we want your feedback.

Open Society People

Director, At Home in Europe Project
Open Society Initiative for Europe, Open Society Foundation–London
Jordi Vaquer
Director, Open Society Initiative for Europe
Open Society Initiative for Europe, Open Society Foundations–Spain
Senior Policy Analyst, Equality and Migration; Advocacy Manager, Italy
Open Society European Policy Institute