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National Security & Counterterrorism

National Security & Counterterrorism

The Open Society Foundations seek to investigate and combat human rights violations linked to national security and counterterrorism operations around the world. In the United States, we support work to promote national security policies that respect human rights, civil liberties, and the rule of law.

Recent Work

Tell the Truth About CIA Torture

With the likely release of the Senate report on CIA torture this fall, all of us will have the chance to understand what happened and to make sure that it never happens again.

Fact Sheet
Senate Report on CIA Torture

This fact sheet outlines the points presented in the Senate report on the CIA’s interrogation and detention program in the years after September 11.

After More Than a Decade, the Truth About CIA Torture in Poland

The European Court of Human Rights sent a clear message that abuses perpetrated by the CIA will not be tolerated in modern Europe, and those who perpetrate them will be held accountable.

The Cultural War on Terror: Race, Policy, and Propaganda  

Recent Open Society Fellows Hisham Aidi and Arun Kundnai look at government policies to shape the lives of young Muslims and promote opposition to extremism. Peter Beinart moderates.

The Rouhani Administration, One Year On  

Hadi Ghaemi, executive director of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, reflects on the Rouhani administration and the prospects for nuclear negotiations and domestic reform.

Whistleblower Protection and The Snowden Effect  

This briefing addresses the current historic opportunity to advance whistleblower protection and concrete opportunities to strengthen work in the areas of human rights, national security, environment, and governance.

Open Society People

Senior Legal Officer, National Security and Counterterrorism
Open Society Foundations–New York, Open Society Justice Initiative
Senior Advisor, Washington Office
Open Society Foundations–Washington, D.C., Open Society Policy Center