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The Open Society Foundations promote the advancement of women’s rights, gender equality, and empowerment as an integral part of free and democratic societies.

Recent Work

An Uncertain Future for Women and Girls in Afghanistan

As the U.S. combat mission in Afghanistan comes to an end, the future progress of women and girls is uncertain.

The Women of Northern Uganda  

The Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa has worked with communities in Uganda to rebuild the lives of people returning from camps, particularly women.

Migrant Workers’ Access to Justice at Home: Nepal

This report is the first comprehensive analysis of how laws and institutions in Nepal succeed or fail in protecting migrant workers from harms suffered during recruitment or while working in the Middle East.

How Access to Justice Is Helping Women in Northern Pakistan

Community-based paralegals are helping young women and their families use the law to resolve problems arising from “down country” marriages.

A Victory for the Rights of Women in Rural South Africa
A bill in South Africa threatened rural women’s health and rights by favoring tradition over constitutional protections. But advocates fought back and won.
A Democratic Experiment Gives Voice to Hidden Roma Communities

In the small town of Mizil, one organization is trying to awaken a constituency that has never truly been able to express their political voice.