Guadalupe Maravilla

New York, NY
18 months

Guadalupe Maravilla will organize a series of healing workshops, mental health resources, and performance classes for young Central American and Latinx immigrants in New York to help heal traumas of migration. Spirit Level will empower participants with knowledge of alternative healing practices that offer pathways to achieving balance after migration and encourage the circulation of this learning throughout their communities.

Maravilla creates performances, sculptures, and drawings that blend ancestry, personal mythology, and autobiography. In solidarity with his undocumented father, who uses Maravilla as the last name in his fake identity, he changed his birth name Irvin Morazan to Guadalupe Maravilla. He has presented work at the Whitney Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bronx Museum, and Performa in New York. Marvilla has upcoming shows and performances at the Queens Museum and the ICA Museums in Miami, Florida and Richmond, Virginia. Maravilla has been supported by Franklin Furnace, Creative Capital, Joan Mitchell Foundation, Art Matters, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship, and the Dedalus Foundation. In April 2019, Maravilla was awarded a 2019 Guggenheim Fellowship. Maravilla is an assistant professor of sculpture and extended Media at Virginia Commonwealth University.