Laila Hida

Marrakech, Morocco
18 months

Laila Hida will create an expansive collaboration with artists and local communities for her project Zenka Hemka, which is an attempt to reimagine the public realm in Marrakech and to explore the relationships between individual citizens and their environment. Hida will collaborate with artists and activists to engage local communities to create new spaces for collective social interaction, community empowerment, and the reactivation of forgotten public spaces.

Hida is a photographer and the founder of LE 18, a multidisciplinary cultural space and artist residency program in Marrakech. LE 18’s programs design spaces where artists, curators, and researchers can build social and creative networks to benefit their communities. Since its founding, LE 18 has developed from a platform for imagining possibilities into a space for sharing knowledge on social change in the region, as well as sustaining community engagement. Through her practice and her organization, Hida attempts to envision a wider community moved by the will to shape an urban revitalization in Morocco.