Regina José Galindo

Guatemala City, Guatemala
18 months

Regina José Galindo will collaborate with deportees in Guatemala to create platforms that tell their stories, generate links with their communities, provide mental health resources, and create avenues for social and economic empowerment in the country. La historia la escriben quienes sobreviven (History Is Written by Those Who Survive) centers on the voices women and men who have traveled illegally to the United States risking everything, undergone arrest and deportation to their home country.

Galindo is a visual and performance artist and poet living and working in Guatemala, using its context to explore the ethical implications of social injustice, gender and race discrimination, and other unequal power relations that operate in contemporary societies. Galindo’s work has been exhibited in major international exhibitions including in documenta, Venice Biennale, Shanghai Biennale, and Biennale of Sydney. Galindo received the Golden Lion for Best Young Artist in the 51st Venice Biennale and the Prince Claus Award for her ability to transform injustice and outrage into powerful public acts that demand a response.