Tania El Khoury

Beirut, Lebanon
18 months

Tania El Khoury will create a site-specific interactive installation along Lebanon’s northern border with Syria  that explores the militarization of natural borders, relationships across rivers, and the daily practices of border resistance. Grounded in her family’s history in the area, The River That Fell For Us will engage local communities with oral history collection on the daily practices of border crossing, refuge during wars, and their relationship to the changing landscape. The research will culminate in a site-specific sound installation about lovers who crossed the river dividing Lebanon and Syria.

El Khoury is a live artist whose work focuses on audience interactivity and the ethical and political potential of such encounters. Her work has been presented internationally, in multiple languages, and in spaces ranging from museums to the Mediterranean Sea. She is the cofounder of Dictaphone Group, a research and performance collective in Beirut, which questions inhabitants’ relationship to public space. She is recipient of the Anti Festival's International Live Art Prize, the Total Theatre Innovation Award, and the Arches Brick Award. El Khoury is the co-curator of a festival on borders at Bard College’s Fisher Center.