Foundation Open Society–Macedonia

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We work to foster a society that is tolerant, democratic, integrated with Europe, and composed of informed and educated citizens.
Priorities of the Foundation Open Society–Macedonia include increasing civic participation in politics and promoting the integration of Roma, youth, and marginalized groups.

Foundation Open Society–Macedonia

The Foundation Open Society–Macedonia focuses on preventing backsliding in the country’s efforts to join the European Union, encouraging citizens to become more active and engaged with governance, and promoting the integration of Roma, youth, and marginalized groups.

We conduct quarterly monitoring of Macedonia’s accession efforts and use this research as the basis for developing and advocating policies that will accelerate the country’s entrance into the European Union. Our work with poor and socially marginalized groups of citizens, including Roma communities, has helped bring targeted health and legal assistance to these groups. The foundation’s support for over 250 cases of strategic litigation have helped poor and marginalized groups obtain legal aid, access information, and receive protection against discrimination.

Our work with civil society organizations has led to coordinated actions that have prompted the government to improve accountability and transparency. At the municipal level, we have worked with local groups to broaden community participation in decision making. The foundation has addressed threats to media freedom through international advocacy efforts and support for selected traditional and online media outlets.

Working with international funders, our efforts to improve Roma education have helped increase school completion rates among Roma students. The foundation has worked with young people to express their frustration with poverty and corruption through increased mobilization and activism on social and political issues.