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We work to strengthen government institutions and develop an open society within Kosovo.
The Kosovo Foundation for Open Society operates programs focusing on the rights of minorities, civic participation, European integration, governance, and education.

Kosovo Foundation for Open Society

The Kosovo Foundation for Open Society remains dedicated to facilitating Kosovo’s European Union membership and has adopted a multilevel approach to this goal. We advocate internally for accelerated policy reform, transparent and accountable governance, and the effective integration of minority groups. We also help develop the capacities and increase the knowledge of public officials, civil society, media, and other stakeholders.

Externally, the foundation monitors EU policies toward Kosovo, advocates for the inclusion of Kosovo into regular EU enlargement policies, and works toward opening and strengthening communication and relationships between communities in Kosovo and Europe. The greatest asset helping our approach to European integration is the public credibility we have built over the years as an organization that is unbiased and committed to positive change. This established credibility allows us to continue to effectively advocate, liaise, and engage with the public and civil society actors in both Kosovo and throughout the EU.