Open Society Georgia Foundation

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We respond to political and economic changes in order to contribute to the long-term development of open society in Georgia.
The Open Society Georgia Foundation cooperates with local partners, focusing on human rights and development challenges raised by recent regional conflicts.

Open Society Georgia Foundation

The Open Society Georgia Foundation was established in 1994 to help the country pursue the development of a democratic and open society after Georgia gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. For almost two decades, we have used donor funding, partnerships, and training to help Georgia’s transition process move forward and to meet the economic, political, and social challenges it has faced.

The foundation is committed to the development of a free and democratic society where government is accountable to its citizens and the political system serves people. We promote a society marked by ethnic, religious, and intellectual tolerance where human rights are protected.

We operate several national programs focusing on human rights and good governance, civil society, media, public health, and academic fellowships. We have used these programs and our grant making to develop civil institutions and the media, promote civil society values, improve the election process, and increase access to education and health care. The foundation has also provided major support to European and national integration programs.