Open Society Myanmar

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We work to protect human rights, promote democracy, and improve healthcare and education.
Open Society Myanmar uses civic empowerment, policy analysis, and advocacy to support individuals and organizations working to pursue democratic reform, eliminate discrimination and protect human rights.

Open Society Myanmar

Since 1993, the Open Society Foundations have been committed to supporting Myanmar’s democratic development. Over the past two decades, we have seen exciting progress in the country. In 2012, we were able to establish our first office in Myanmar. In 2017, our international office in Myanmar transformed into a national foundation, the Open Society Myanmar, under the leadership of a locally recruited national board.

Today we work on improving education and healthcare, developing an active, engaged society, protecting human rights, and promoting harmony, equality, and diversity. We support the inclusion of youth and women in political and social decision-making. We help to prevent people living in poverty and provide relief for those that already do.

We recognize the scale of challenge that the new civilian-led government currently faces in leading the country’s democratic transition. The establishment of a new national foundation is reaffirmation that the Open Society Foundations will continue to work closely with the people of Myanmar to support democracy, human rights, and dignified living conditions for everyone.