Soros Foundation–Kazakhstan

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We support activities that foster tolerance, increase public engagement in public affairs, and improve government transparency and accountability.
The Soros Foundation–Kazakhstan works to advance open society goals through partnerships with NGOs, donors, and government. We have given over $50 million in grants to promote open society in Kazakhstan.

Soros Foundation–Kazakhstan

The Soros Foundation–Kazakhstan develops partnerships with nongovernmental organizations, businesses, and government at the national and local levels to promote tolerance, civic engagement, and transparent governance.

For almost a decade, the foundation has led national campaigns to increase budget transparency and accountability. Our efforts over the last few years have helped move Kazakhstan’s standing in international transparency assessments from having little government transparency to providing moderate and improving levels of transparency for citizens.

To promote the rule of law, we support efforts to get the government to honor its human rights commitments, and to ensure that national legislation meets international human rights standards.

The Soros Foundation–Kazakhstan increases citizen involvement in public affairs by supporting civil society groups that promote access to information and freedom of expression. Advocacy campaigns supported by the foundation have helped secure the position of independent broadcasters as the country prepares to switch to digital television.

We also focus on the situation of young people in Kazakhstan and develop strategies to engage youth with issues that impact their communities and the country.