Soros Foundation–Moldova

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We support Moldova’s democratic institutions and advance reforms in public health, media, and law.
Soros Foundation–Moldova projects include defending minority rights, establishing a rights-based approach to public health, supporting media independence, and expanding legal aid.

Soros Foundation–Moldova

The Soros Foundation–Moldova’s advocacy has led to the creation of a national legal aid system that has greatly expanded access to justice for Moldovans. It has also helped ensure that the system provides high quality services to indigent defendants.

The foundation has made human rights an essential part of the country’s response to HIV/AIDS by supporting harm reduction alternatives for drug users, such as methadone maintenance, and funding organizations that document human rights violations against people living with HIV/AIDS. It has also led the movement to reform mental health care, helping to end the institutionalization of mentally disabled children in large residential facilities and develop community-based services to replace residential institutions.

In its efforts to improve civic participation in politics and governance, the foundation has launched public information campaigns on issues from local election laws to European integration. It has also been a key supporter of independent media, helping to sustain a network of regional radio and television stations that has expanded news coverage and access to information.