Facing Change: Documenting America

9 months

Support from OSI provides seed funding for "Facing Change: Documenting America," which brings together a collective of photographers to document a range of social issues in the United States. 

"Facing Change: Documenting America" (FCDA) is a collective of ten leading photographers, led by two news producers, who have joined together to document this particular moment in American history. The initial stories the photographers will be investigating include the foreclosure crisis, the impact of criminal justice policies on poor cities in upstate New York, rural poverty, race in the American south, returning veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, post-industrial cities, unemployment in the Latino community in small-town California, and the effects of violence on inner-city youth. The stories are broad but together paint a picture of the breadth of challenges that face American communities. As news and media organizations find their budgets diminishing they no longer have the funds to invest in long-term projects of civic importance. 

While the FCDA's long-term intent is to provide a lasting record of history, their immediate goal is to make available images and stories across a wide spectrum of communities for public consideration and use, in collaboration with local organizations.  This project is in its start-up phase and the Documentary Photography Project will be providing seed funding.