Jason DaSilva

New York, NY

Jason DaSilva will partner with AXS Lab, an organization dedicated to telling stories of disability through film, new media, and technology. Together, they will develop AXS Map, a mobile app and online tool that invites users to rate and review the accessibility of neighborhood businesses. A new feature on their platform enables users to upload photographs when sharing feedback. DaSilva and his partner will conduct "Mapping Days" in cities across the United States where supporters contribute by collecting information on venues’ accessibility. Using this expanding database, DaSilva will create "heat maps" for city officials that visualize where inclusive design policies are succeeding or failing.

DaSilva and his partner hope that AXS Map provides those with disabilities greater freedom and spontaneity when navigating their communities and making everyday decisions. They also hope that AXS Map serves as a tool to connect a growing network of like-minded people who support inclusive neighborhood practices and policies.