Sitara Ibrahimova

6 months

Sitara Ibrahimova will examine the cultural traditions, gender norms, and social pressures that have allowed for an increase in the practice of prenatal sex selective abortions in Azerbaijan. Ibrahimova aims to use her body of work for advocacy campaigns that address the preference for male children and the underlying prevalence of gender inequality and discrimination against women in Azerbaijan.

Ibrahimova is a photographer who has covered the plight of refugees and victims of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, women’s prisons, mental health hospitals, and early marriage in Azerbaijan. She has worked for, the Red Cross, and the British Council in Azerbaijan and has taken master classes with photographers Rena Effendi, Inta Ruka, Lucia Nemcova, and Rudo Prekop. Her work has been shown at the 2012 Tbilisi Photo Festival, the 2009 Inter Photo Festival Camp in the Czech Republic, the 2007 Photonic Moments Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and exhibited at galleries and museums in Europe and the South Caucasus. In 2010, Ibrahimova curated the exhibition “ART BAZAAR,” bringing together the work of contemporary young artists in Baku. She received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Baku State University in 2004 and a bachelor’s degree in still photography from the Film and Television School of Performing Arts Prague in 2010.