Stephen Ferry

One year

Stephen Ferry will partner with Consejo de Redación to create Violentología: Un manual del conflicto colombiano, a visual resource that will be distributed to journalists, editors, and archivists to to instruct and encourage the photographic coverage of Colombia's human rights crisis. The manual will be printed on newsprint and combines Ferry’s original photographic reporting, archival images, and text.

The project also includes an exhibition (also printed on newsprint); public presentations; and journalism workshops at universities and newspapers in six regions of Colombia that are especially affected by political violence. During the workshops, participants will document local human rights issues and publish the work online. The goal of the project is to strengthen photographic coverage of human rights issues in Colombia and increase the capacity of the press to galvanize public opinion in defense of fundamental rights.

This project is being cofunded by the Open Society Foundations Documentary Photography Project and Latin America Program.