Raising Public Awareness of Education Issues

Czech Republic
January 2007 December 2008

Organization: Transitions Online

Region coverage: South East Europe, Central Asia, Caucasus, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and Mongolia

The project focuses on the creation and implementation of the region’s first distance-learning course for education journalists. This course, to be provided online to all interested and qualified journalists in the region, would be developed by Transitions Online (TOL), education experts, and distance-learning experts from the BBC World Trust. A special feature of this course and a benefit to all regional reporters would be the creation of a web-based resource site for the region’s education reporters. A summer course, as the educational capstone to the distance-learning project, is to be organized for the best journalists from the online course. This will be an intensive seven-day, in-residence training seminar that would reinforce the lessons learned in the online course.