AIDS Foundation East-West

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
3 months

A grant to support the education and sensitization of police officers in Kyrgyzstan through the introduction of new guidelines for HIV prevention produced by Kyrgyzstan's Ministry of Internal Affairs, AIDS Foundation East-West, and the Central Asia Regional HIV/AIDS Program. The guidelines cover two main areas: prevention of occupational HIV infection among government personnel through contact with blood and other potentially infected materials, and police responsibility for prevention of HIV infection among vulnerable groups. The guidelines instruct police officers to educate the population and distribute HIV/AIDS prevention materials, treat representatives of vulnerable groups in a respectful manner, and not to interfere with activities of prevention programs. SHARP funding supported the development and implementation of half-day training workshops for police in 19 precincts across Kyrgyzstan to discuss the guidelines, and facilitated the involvement of local NGOs who support marginalized groups to present their work and explain how the police can support it. This grant was funded in partnership with OSI's International Harm Reduction Development Program and the Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan.