Kalimah Priforce

Oakland, CA
June 2013-December 2014

Kalimah Priforce is a 2013 Black Male Achievement Fellow. He runs Qeyno Labs, which works with local schools and partners to make "career day" an everyday experience for the millions of students who cannot afford private college and career guidance. At eight years old, Priforce held a successful hunger strike at his Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn group home demanding more books for its library. As a trouble-making high schooler in Harlem, NY, he was mentored by Dr. Lorraine Monroe, who helped him become a social innovator. At age 17, Priforce started his first computer company that served low income neighborhoods. In October of 2000, his teenage brother was shot and killed behind their childhood elementary school, inspiring Priforce to form a lifelong commitment towards transforming education for under-served kids. In 2010, Priforce relocated from Brooklyn, New York to Oakland, California to launch Qeyno. He is educator-in-residence for the Oakland-based “Hidden Genius Project,” a program that trains black male youth in entrepreneurial thinking, software development, and user experience design.