Justice 2015: Measuring Justice in the Post-2015 Development Framework

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In years since the Millennium Declaration in 2000, governments and civil society organizations have made significant advances in measuring progress towards improving justice outcomes. Government agencies now collect diverse and comprehensive sources of data and the post-2015 development framework provides a unique opportunity to consolidate these national gains in a global framework.

The post-2015 framework should include access to justice and legal empowerment targets in a governance goal to address issues most critical to human development: access to information, legal identity, the right to land and property, legal participation, and legal services. Access to justice and legal empowerment targets and indicators should be included in other goals too, including those aimed at ending poverty and using natural resources sustainably.

The targets outlined in this fact sheet will help to secure broad development gains by addressing structural barriers to fuller participation in society. Each target builds on the recommendations of the Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda and can be clearly incorporated into the development framework through relevant indicators.