Countering State Capture in Central and Eastern Europe

In order to further enhance public sector integrity and counter the extent of policy capture and grand corruption in target countries, the Open Society Initiative for Europe invites proposals from civil society organizations, or their consortia, that aim to expose, disrupt, and effectively challenge instances of corruption and particularism.

We are particularly interested to support work that looks at the socioeconomic impact of corruption, including gender dimensions, and which challenges the limitations to equal access of public healthcare, education, and equitable social policies dealing with poverty.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovak Republic

Eligible organizations: We explicitly invite organizations with specialized experience of the mentioned geographies and/or with expert knowhow of governance accountability, anticorruption, and gender sensitive programming, to submit their proposals. Consortia of anticorruption watchdogs, women's rights, and human rights organizations are particularly encouraged.

Ineligibility Criteria

The program will not support:

  • partisan organizations; political rallies, campaigns to influence elections, or other partisan activities;
  • general civic activism (without a specific link to gender and other socioeconomic aspects of corruption);
  • academic research on corruption, or mapping studies without clearly demonstrated relevance in a given context for instilling improvement or change;
  • general or flexible organizational requests to provide financial sustainability to current work.

Please find a detailed description of the application process in the call for proposals document in Download Files section. Please make sure to read the detailed description before applying.

Applicants should submit a concept paper of no more than two pages to the Open Society Initiative for Europe. We will use this concept paper to determine whether the project meets the priorities of our funding portfolio and provide you with initial comments, if any. If the proposed project fits the funding priorities, applicants may be invited to submit a full proposal. Those invited to submit a full proposal will also receive a budget template.

For further information, please contact Bart Scheffers or Alla Volkova at [email protected] or [email protected].