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About Our Awarded Grants

  • For questions about our grant-making activities, please contact us.

The Open Society Foundations award grants, scholarships, and fellowships throughout the year to organizations and individuals whose work advances open society values. The Open Society Foundations are organized as a network of foundations and related entities, all dedicated to a common mission.

This database includes grants awarded from 2016 through the first quarter of 2017. While we strive to present as complete a picture as possible of our grant making, we omit grants and modified descriptions under some circumstances, including where it is necessary to comply with personal data protection laws, and when disclosure may put at risk the safety or work of a grantee or the Open Society Foundations. Some of our national and regional foundations manage their grant making with local systems; those grants are not reflected in this database, but are often published on the individual websites of those foundations. We encourage you to visit those sites for more information.

Below are brief descriptions of the fields included in the database.

  • Referring Program: The referring program is the Open Society program that has evaluated a grantee’s proposal and recommended that it be considered for approval by a funder entity. 
  • Regions: There are seven broad geographic regions where we work. The region associated with a grant reflects the geographic area served by the grant and not necessarily where the grantee is based.  
  • Themes: We use 10 themes to categorize the work we do. When a grant is made, one or more of these themes is assigned as appropriate.
  • Year Awarded: The year awarded is the date the grant was deemed to be granted based on when the award letter was sent to the grantee. 
  • Funder: The funder is the legal entity that authorizes and makes the grant. For U.S. funder entities, we list the specific entity to ensure compliance with U.S. law; where not listed, the grant has been made by independent European members of the Open Society Foundations network. Each legal entity has a fiduciary board that exercises its own legal responsibilities.
  • Term: The term of a grant is the time frame during which the grantee is expected to carry out its stated objectives. Longer-term grants are often paid out in installments over the term of the grant.
  • Grant Description: The grant description sets forth the purpose for which the grant was made, or indicates the project name.

To learn more about the Open Society Foundations, please visit our Who We Are page. To view a listing of our open grants, please visit our Grants page. To contact one of our national or regional foundations, please visit our Offices and Foundations page.

  • For questions about our grant-making activities, please contact us.

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