Academic Capacity Development Program/Returning Scholars Fellowship Program

Academic Capacity Development Program/Returning Scholars Fellowship Program

Higher education reform efforts are often impeded by a number of factors, including: a lack of funding, ineffective education policies, poor planning and management, reliance on traditional curricula that emphasize passive rather than active learning, and limited flexibility in career choices.

The goal of the Academic Capacity Development Program (ACDP) is to help breakdown these obstacles by focusing on both educational institutions and individual scholars and helping to build local, regional, and global academic networks.

The Returning Scholars Fellowship Program invites applications from junior faculty who are at the beginning of their academic careers and seek university positions in their home country after studying abroad.

The program supports placement of Returning Scholars only in partner departments. For more details please check the call for departmental partners.

Eligibility Criteria

An eligible Returning Scholar has received an internationally recognized MA or PhD degree from a reputable institution of higher education (typically in an OECD country) and has received (or will receive by October 2015) a PhD in one of the following fields:

  • gender studies
  • human rights and public law 
  • international relations 
  • journalism and media studies 
  • political science 
  • public health 
  • public policy and public administration 
  • social anthropology
  • social psychology
  • social work 
  • sociology 
Ineligibility Criteria

The program does not support scholars in philology, performing arts, and business. Applicants are also required to prove their proficiency in the English language.