Roma Policy Research Fellowship: Host Organizations

The Roma Policy Research Fellowship, organized through a partnership between the Think Tank Fund and the Roma Initiatives Office of the Open Society Foundations, is calling on the think tanks in Eastern Europe to express interest in mentoring Roma graduates to undertake policy research.

The program sets out to support young Roma MA and PhD graduates in social sciences and humanities from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia to develop new skills under the guidance of experienced research staff of mainstream think tanks in these countries.

The program gives an opportunity to talented young Roma researchers to gain first-hand research and advocacy experience over a period of 6–12 months in a leading think tank in their country. At the same time, it aims to assist think tanks working on or aspiring to take on topics relevant for local minorities to recruit new talent into their ranks and reach out to new constituencies.

Purpose and Priorities

After the selection of the new fellows and their host organizations, the Think Tank Fund expects accepted fellows to assume a full-time position in host organizations for an initial period of six months, with a possibility for a six-month extension. The fellows will work full-time at the hosting think tank’s offices, and will become a part of the organization. This commitment resembles a full-time paid internship.

Throughout this period, the hosting organization is expected to engage the fellow in ongoing policy research projects and offer a structured mentorship on mainstream policy development in the thematic area agreed upon. The fellow will also develop a proposal for independent research.


Interested organizations should demonstrate a strong in-house research expertise and mentoring capacities in the policy areas they propose in order to be considered for mentoring young Roma fellows. Potential hosts are not required to have previous engagement in Roma-related issues.

For further information and guidance, organizations should download the full call for proposals from think tanks and the host organization application template at left.